Strutting in Flatform Sandals

When I think of flatform heels I imagine a scene from Memoirs of a Geisha. America has somewhat picked up on this historical Japanese trend and modernize it, but its been more prevalent in many international countries. I have noticed that although American is a source for much of the fashion world, we seem to take longer to adapt to trends that are “out there”. I for one do not like this new trend of flatform sandals. For one the flat heel is so unflattering. However, if you’re trying to be fashion forward there is a certain way you should wear this style of sandals.

I would suggest saving this flatform sandal for warmer climates or the summer. You can also make it work for the winter with some taller socks (another new trend you can blend in with the flatform sandals). I personally would not spend more than $25 on these shoes, if at all. I found some great options at Forever 21 and Charlotte Rouse. The first shoe I will share with you is from Forever 21. It is a flatform sandal / platform.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.32.16 PM

I like this faltform sandal in particular because it has some shape to the platform on the bottom. Most flatform sandals are compeltely flat, but this one has a small groove in the middle in addition to the curve on the platform. This would look great with some boyfriend jeans and a crop top or sweater. When you wear these sandals I suggest creating a more relaxed vibe for your outfit.

Another flatform sandal I found was also super cheap selling at $25. I found these cute leopard flatform sandals at Charlotte Russe.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.32.25 PM

These sandals have a little bit of a berkenstock look to them with a little bit of modern edge. I love the leopard print. These are super cute, but I think this pair of sandals is a little more difficult to match with an outfit. Since these are more berckestock sandal style and less wedge style, you have to go even more casual. I would wear these sandals with an oversized sweater dress or a plaid dress. Or just pair it with some skinnies and any casual top.

I found a great list of affordable flatform sandals here:

There are so many options for flatform sandals, it just depends on the look you want. You can go more casual with a smaller flatform, such as the leopard sandals I showed you. Or you can take that style and modernize it by simply adding a wide-brim hat. You can make many pieces work with these sandals, but I suggest just doing you. There are so many ways to go with these sandals that I would try to dress the sandals to your own personal style. Just have fun with it!

Personally I would take these sandals and dress the part. If I’m going to wear Geisha style sandals I will take full advantage of that. I would pair the sandals with either boyfriend jeans or some sort of oversized dress.

Fall Favs: Plaid Dress & Blanket Scarf

It’s the greatest time of year according to one of the best Christmas songs around, and that means it’s time to whip out your best fall baggy sweater and plaid dress. Every girl knows that come 50 degrees the only thing you will be wearing from then on is leggings, riding boots, and a baggy sweater. Not only is it a completely practical outfit, it’s getting cold! But it’s also an incredibly comfortable outfit that achieves and defines the “cute, but comfy” look! So, starting this year I’d like to redirect you to an alternative option… the plaid dress!

plaid dress


For all my Gossip Girl fans out there, even Little J thought the plaid dress was in. Would B be pleased? Well I’m no S, but I’m willing to say yes. Flannels and plaids are like one of my go to looks when it comes to dressing cute, comfy, and trying to make it look like I’m not trying that hard. I.e: a date night in aka “hanging out with a guy”. So vague these days could it get any more annoying. ANYWHO, turning your casual flannel into a dress is now the perfect “casual night out yet I still want to show off my legs and look hot” look. Get some of my fav picks here:

plaid dress




As always, I’m also seriously loving the blanket scarf as my necessary evil. It’s large, not gonna lie, so you may feel like you have a giant cotton ball wrapped around your neck. However, take a minute to consider all those times that you get somewhere and you’re freezing. Friends house, work, restaurant, movie theater, the list in endless and you’re always cold. BRRRRR, BYE. Now imagine being ridiculously warm on your walk there or walk out of the car to the building, then retaining that warmth when you’re inside! Who would’ve thought it was ever that easy. Take a peek at this blanket scarf I got from Aerie that I’m totally loving on.

fall fashion blanket scarf


I cannot tell you how often I rock this bad boy. As described above all the places you need this at, I can tell you I’ve personally worn my scarf turned blanket at each place. There’s nothing cozier than snuggling up under a blanket. Not to mention if you’ve got someone to snuggle up under it with ;)

BTW In case you’re wondering how big this thing is, it’s large and in charge so it’ll cover your whole body to stay warm. I’m sure each store will have the dimensions if you’re thinking of buying it online but I’m 5’3″ and it covers my feet when I’m laying down and it’s wide enough for two.. or to just wrap around yourself.

Hope you liked my fall favs!

Faux Fur Vest: A Safe Alternative

The fashion industry and the animal activists have had this unending war regarding the use of animal skin or fur. At times, it’s silent but the voices of the animal activists have become louder and louder over the years because of the animals getting endangered day by day.

It seems the industry has acknowledged the fact and designers have decided to invest on creating faux fur vests and coats. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty when wearing one and enjoy the warmth your vest brings, as you are not harming any animals on the creation of your favorite fur.

JC Penney offers a selection of black faux fur vests that you can choose from. If black is not your color, they also have it available in white and brown too. Since it’s faux, different brands and manufacturers have started mass producing this vest and giving it different twists because the main material is now affordable and your store will not end up having these protesters rallying up potentially turning off your customers, even the loyal ones.

If JCP’s prices are a bit steep, why not try and suit up with Forever 21’s black furs? They have got the glam rock look that will bring out the diva in you or if you prefer to maintain your low-profile personality, try out their faux fur hoodie:

faux fur hoodie

The Resultly website also has a wide array of fur vests to choose from. You can be sure that you will find a vest that will be the right for you. Go and try to browse through their selections.

How to wear them? It actually depends on what you want to achieve as an OOTD. You can make a white shirt with jeans look fabulous by adding your fur vest as a statement piece and pair it up with ankle high or knee high boots.

Once the fall season kicks in, layering will definitely be back in style. If you do not want to look heavy because of the layers and layers of clothes, use your vest with your favorite fall jacket and voila! You have achieved the fall look without having a major pain on your shoulders.

Wearing a fur vest can make your outfit interesting and will definitely make heads turn. Recently, Kendal Jenner pulled off the Topshop faux fur by only wearing a white shirt and jeans!

Though faux furs in brown, gray and pink are nice, it’s the black faux fur vest that makes you stand out. I guess it kind of adds a mysterious effect to its owner. The same effect we all felt whenever we would see Taylor Lautner transform into a wolf in Twilight.

Hope I was able to give you an idea of what and where to get your faux fur vest.

Don’t Step on my Cognac Boots

Cognac? As boots? I had to check it online and see for myself. I always thought cognac to be a drink and not as a color. The This Old House website wrote that Pantone has declared cognac as the color for the month of October. On the website, they have called this color as a glamorous brown.

While browsing online, I have found a few good pairs of cognac boots here: The website has a lot of options to choose from. They have it in long, ankle-cut, knee-length and midi. My eyes are actually fixated on those above the knee cognac boots. I saw this beautiful boots on Target’s website The boots look very simple, I guess because it is intentionally to be worn as riding boots. It only has two belt straps just about the ankle and another around the knee area. If you will not be horseback riding, this can be worn together with your LBD – little black dress and bring your cute pouch with you. This outfit will surely be a hit.

cognac boots
If you ask me, I really like the boots paired with the dresses. It’s like a mix and match of two genders, dresses for girls and boots for men. I know it’s not just men who wear this boots but if it’s the leather or faux leather kind, it has the masculine smell though I am not sure if it’s just me but try it next time you are with your boots. Hopefully, you will smell a new one.

My second best bet will be leggings or stockings with your boots. I prefer pairing your cognac boots with black leggings because it gives a silhouette of your body. A definite winner if have a curvaceous body. Stockings can work too and to give you a better picture, look at this photo of Rose McGowan wearing a Rockport cognac boots with her black sweater dress and black stockings. The boots stood out from this outfit, which I guess what Rose wants to achieve.

cognac boots

If the look might be too safe for you and you think you can pull off the outfit by pairing it off with bold and exciting colors like a bright red. Of course even with fashionistas who like to experiment with their outfits know that the golden rule is to only use one or two bold colors or else you would look like you are heading to a circus with your outfit.

Nevertheless, I have a different respect for the cognac color and will definitely look out for designs with this color.

My Trip With a Canvas Backpack

I don’t know how I did it. I somehow managed to travel for a month with nothing but the contents in my canvas backpack. Spring semester Junior Year I was finally fulfilling my lifelong dream of traveling to South America. With my minor in Spanish I was excited to finally be able to improve and USE my Spanish skills I have been working on for so many years. I ended up going to Uruguay for the duration of my stay. I lived with a host family and took classes at the Montevideo University. It was the best semester of my life. I loved my host family, made  new friends, and learned so much. For one, I drastically improved my Spanish Language skills, but I also had many life lessons that came along with my trip. After my term at the Montevideo University I was about to journey onto a month backpacking trip around South America. I had barely fit all my stuff in a HUGE suitcase on my way to Uruguay…And I was sure as hell not about to lug around a 52 pound suitcase around South America. If you’re wondering how I managed to pass by the weight limit at the airlines, they let it slide because I was about to miss my flight.

Anyway,  my host mom had suggested to just go out and buy a small backpack. Uruguay, especially Montevideo, was a very trendy city. It was full of Palm trees seated right next to the ocean, and full of people in fashion forward clothes. So, I went out to find this backpack and came back with this one! This is a picture of me right before I boarded my bus to my journey through South America:


I made sure to buy a sturdy canvas backpack because I knew I was going to fill it to the max. I somehow managed, to everyone’s surprise, fit 5 days worth of clothes and all my cosmetics in there. In most countries in South American people don’t do their own laundry at home so there are laundry shops scattered all around a city. It was actually much easier than I thought, I just took all my clothes to the laundry shop, returned after a long lunch and everything was ready to go!

I brought this backpack home with me after my long trip, but I have been on the lookout for some Holiday gifts, and one of my friend needs one for her study abroad trip. I found great options here:

I’m more of a fan of the leather canvas backpack, but if you want one that you’ll wear once in a while the cotton ones work too. I found a really cute Tribal Printed canvas backpack at JCPenny. I love this backpack, but I’m not a huge fan of using the name Aztec Tribe on the name of the backpack. I also don’t think this one would have lasted as long. I found a perfect one I’m going to buy for my friend that’s from Target. Here’s the link to the backpack:

And its only $25!!

Drawstring Pants: Dressing you up for Comfort

Laidback outfits have a soft spot for me. You see power or corporate dressing can really be tiring (admit it girls). Though I know for career-driven women, this is never a problem.

For me, power dressing is like being always on guard… that it’s always about calculated moves. I am not sure if this happens to you but there are days when I dream of just wearing a pair of drawstring pants with a tank top and paint till my hands ache.

I love laidback outfits and wearing a pair of drawstring pants is like a blanket over a cold winter. We are inseparable. I think I have about a dozen of these pants and I never get tired of them.

Just to be clear, I do not wear them at home as sweatpants, no! I wear these pants say when I will be having a night out with my favorite girls. I can wear it with a cropped top and heels. The pair below is from ASOS.

drawstring pants

I did the exact same outfit pictured above when I went out to snag a date from the bar because I can be me and our conversations were more carefree rather than when I am in my work clothes, I might just bore him out with both my look and outfit. LOL!

Not all of my pants are one and the same, if you know what I mean. Some of them are linen like my Zara drawstring pants. This I wear to work during our semi-casual Fridays. It is comfy but not perfect for meeting clients because it tends to get a lot of creases most especially if you keep standing then sit down after. My mom said that to have less of these, I could starch my pants. Not so sure if I want to do that but I might try it one day with one of my worn-out pants as an experiment.

You can search for a good pair of drawstring pants here:

Talking about these pants made me search for new designs and I love this Diesel drawstring pants right now. I am not sure if this design will suit me. I don’t want to be called as trying hard. I might just keep it on my watch list for now and browse through the other websites.

drawstring pants

Oh! Did I forget to mention that these pants are for men too? I think I have seen a lot of male celebrities using this bottom. However most of them do wear the sweatpants because it sits well just about the top of the butts and kinds of give you a peek of abs. Whew! It’s getting hot in here! Sweatpants or drawstring, take your pick because these pants never gets out of style.